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Face Russian PR

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People who create opinions
We are happy to present our latest advertising project "Art Gallery".

The main goal of this project is to tell about the Russian "PR-community". There are hundreds of companies working in the sphere of PR in Russia - and there are the leaders. We write about them.

The full version of "Art Gallery" you can find on pages !!-!!. And here we have translated the most important fragments of the texts, accompanying these original, sometimes eccentric photos. The people on these photos are the heads of well-known Russian PR-agencies. We found it trivial to make standard office photos and proposed our heroes to choose any "informal" image. You can see the result.

Besides, they answer our questions. Some are about their profession and some about their way of thinking and living. We hope you'll find it interesting to know more about people who in fact created Russian PR-market, which - to the opinion of the experts - constantly grows.

Idea: Petr Bankov, Design Studio "Design Depo" and Creative Group "So-Obsheniye".

Shooting: Boris Bendikov

Co-ordination: Anna Fedorova, Deputy Chief Editor, "So-Obsheniye"


"IMA-consulting" alongside with eleven either companies is a part of the holding "IMA group" and has extensive experience of team-work in the sphere of communication technologies and integral marketing. The staff of "IMA-consulting" consists of more than 80 employees - business consultants, sociologists, psychologists, PR experts, analytics, political scientists.

The project base of "IMA-consulting" expanded due to the proposals of large producing companies, banks and insurance companies, that resulted in the changes in the company structure, namely the extension of the expert staff and creation of new departments.

"IMA consulting" was among the ten Russian companies that got the RPRA (Russian Public Relations Assosiation) certificate of professional qualification this spring. "IMA-consulting" is a member of the several consultants' professional unions. The dominating principles of our work are a complex approach to the problem (ranging from research and strategy development to concrete methods and instruments) and individual approach to every client.

Andrei Gnatyuk, President of "IMA-Consulting":

- How would you define your current occupation?

We help our clients to develop their business, to position themselves effectively. Our work lies in the sphere of intellectual business and at the same time in the service sphere.

- Is there a person that serves you as an ideal, or an example to follow in your profession?

I thing that the first and yet unsurpassed communicator was Serpent the tempter with the apple for Eve. But this is definitely not an example to follow.

- Is there a PR-company you would consent to work in?

With Jacques Seguela for sure. His famous "crying" bottle of Perrier is a classics of communication.

"Mikhailov and Partners" PR-Agency

Five prizes and diplomas of the "Silver Archer" National Award must be a proof that "Mikhailov and Partners" offers the clients successful and effective decisions and provides the highest level of its realisation. The Award is nowadays the most prestigious in Russia - in this sphere. However, there are other proofs of professional reputation. For two years the Agency was on the top of the professional rating of the companies that work in the sphere of the public relations development. The rating is done by the Research Center ROMIR.

250 successful projects, realized by "Mikhailov and Partners", are in fact the different variants of solution of the same problem: we have to create the most favourable conditions for the client's business and to increase its effectiveness and cost. And it does not matter what term we choose to name this work - "PR", "social relations" or "strategic communication". There is no difference whether the Client is UCOS, Motorola, The Government of the Republic of Komi or the European Union. The objective remains the same - success.

Sergei Mikhailov, the Managing Partner:

- How would you define your current occupation?

I help Clients reach their business objectives in the sphere that I am good at. I mean strategic communication.

- What was the best professional advice you have ever got?

There are three of them. The first is: "Life is so short so you'd better not waste time on the things you do not enjoy. You probably will not manage them well or will not manage them at all". The second is: "PR is not a profession. It is business". The third says: "The effort necessary to earn $1000 and $1 milliard is approximately the same".

- What is the most luxurious thing you have already afforded?

I can devote all of my time to the work I love and do the things I really want to do. I guess it is the biggest luxury a person can afford.

Consulting Group "IMAGE-Contact"

"IMAGE-Contact" is one of the leading Russian companies specialising in the field of political and psychological consulting, public relations, advertising, image development, corporate consulting and market research.

The slogan of the Group: "Leadership via communication"

- 12 years in the PR and political consulting market

- 250 election campaigns in 70 regions of Russia and CIS

- 220 elected presidents, governors, mayors, deputies

- 350 successful projects in the sphere of PR, crisis management and corporate consulting

- expert and research network in 70 regions of the RF

- efficient staff of 500 experts and consultants

Alexey Sitnikov, the President of "IMAGE-Сontact":

- What was the best professional advice you have ever got?

My teacher and friend John Grinder once told me: "If you act the way you always do, you get what you always get".

- In your opinion, what is the most common mistake in your sphere of activity?

Paying for the services of mass media.

- What was the biggest mistake you ever committed in your professional activity?

I commit it every time when I am sure that I am absolutely right.

The Center of Political Consulting "NIKKOLO M"

"Nikkolo M" is approaching its 10th anniversary now. The official celebration of it's foundation and the start of activity on the market of election technologies will take place on the 4th of March, 2002, but the origin lies far in 1989. It was then when in the small flat of a sociologist Igor Mintusov was formed the core of the company that i bit later became the leader in the sphere of political consulting.

The year 1992 was the time when the alliance "Ekaterina Egorova - Igor Mintusov" was formed. They became the founders of "Nikkolo M".

For all these years the experts of "Nikkolo M" have been working in 79 regions of the Russian Federation. More than 300 election and PR-campaigns were conducted for various clients ranging from local administrators to the President.

"Nikkolo M" considers science and profile research development an important constituent part of its work. In the last several years the company employees have published four monographs. Two of them received the National Award "Silver Archer" as the best works on the theory of PR, and two have gained the status of study books in Russian high schools.

Igor Mintusov, the Chairman of the Board of Directors:

- What was the best moment in your professional career?

The elections of senator Chris Dodd in Connecticut in 1998.

- If you have a possibility to change the image of a prominent public or political figure, who would it be? What changes would you suggest?

I would advisePresident Putin to make changes in non-verbal communication.

- What was the best professional advice you have ever got?

Be simple and people will turn to you.


The centre of communication technologies "PROPAGANDA" manages to combine corporate and political PR successfully.

In Russia they have been one of the first who started providing services on internal PR and reputation management. They define the clients' problems, study and develop their image and create the conditions favourable for investments. They believe that the development of the creative concepts is one of the most important trends in PR.

The clients of PROPAGANDA know that the agency never divides projects into "important" and "not important". Everything that is important for the client is important for PROPAGANDA.

The company is never in the shade and works openly even when guiding involved political projects.

Natalia Mandrova, the President of "PROPAGANDA":

- In your opinion, what is the most common mistake in your sphere of activity?

The most stupid mistake is to assume that you are the most important part of the process you take part in. For example the way political consultants do when they perceive themselves as the leading power of political campaigns. A professional is the client's shadow. All the success belongs to the client

- What irritates you most of all in your profession?

Our work irritates everybody by itself. PR is a-priori a conflict profession and people who are in it are constantly "at war".

- What is the most luxurious thing you have already afforded?

I have a wonderful family with warm and friendly relations. It is the biggest luxury a working woman can afford. And I am also fond of diamonds.

PR Service Group

What does PRSG mean by creativity? Companies need to differ from the competitors and create attractive communication with the target audience. That is why PRSG's main stake in its work are creative decisions.

Why is proactivity important for PRSG? In its work the company is always oriented towards the effective result. It means that PRSG tries to guide the client and come forward with the initiatives that can prove to be the most profitable for the client's business.

What does information openness mean for PRSG? PRSG sees the reason for success for any of the competitors in the market in honesty and the company's well-grounded position. Nowadays companies compete in the information sphere. That is why PRSG says "Yes!" to the maximum of information openness.

Why innovations are important for PRSG? New communications change the world. The company has gained excessive experience in the field of interactive PR and marketing decisions.

What does communication mean for PRSG? "More communication brings success" - this slogan embodies the specificity of PRSG corporate culture. The company staff is young and is constantly increasing its professional level.

Andrei Mamontov, the General Director of PRSG:

- What was the best moment in your professional career?

It is when the client not only pays for the work done but expresses gratitude for it.

- What was the best professional advice you have ever got?

I have not got it, I read it. It is a phrase by Mark Twain that became almost a life rule for me. "If you have noticed that you support the majority it is a clear sign that it is high time to change".

- What irritates you most of all in your profession?

The thing that people do not appreciate an ability to create and think. For the overwhelming majority of companies PR still is a kind of party. As if everything that is asked from you is a bit of socialising. Bang, and here is an article. Another bang and your image and reputation are OK.

"R.I.M." Agency


We often say that our business is of secondary importance. Your business is of primary importance. You have a product, a service, an idea - something that has to be sold or introduced to the audience. We know how to do it and offer our help as you have more important business to do - it is of primary importance.

We provide services in the sphere of public relations, marketing and advertising campaigns. In fact the experts call what we do integrated marketing communication. Whatever term we choose, we are willing to provide all possible help for you to be a success in the Russian market.

Our slogan is: "All the roads lead to 'R.I.M'". It does not allow us to forget that our work is supplementary. The roads are important, but more important are those who tread on them. We hope that you set foot on one of the roads and allow us to help you solve your problems.

Igor Pisarskiy, the General Director of "R.I.M."

- What was the best moment in your professional career?

It is still ahead. Do you find it trivial?

- Is there something that you would like to have but can not afford?

A helicopter and a right to fly over Moscow.And then: "Say goodbye to traffic jams!"

- How would you define your current occupation?

I am doing now what I always did - building contacts and relations between people.

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