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"So-Obsheniye" - a professional PR magazine

Communications for business
"So-Obsheniye" magazine has existed since 1999 and is published by the creative group "So-Obsheniye" in co-operation with "Expert" business magazine. It is a monthly professional issue about the communication technologies for business: PR, consulting, branding, advertising, sociological and marketing research.

Russian PR market: tendencies

Though the volume of Russian PR market can not be compared to Western, the experts indicate a constant tendency of growth. Nowadays, the structure of the overwhelming majority of successful Russian companies includes a PR department.

PR has turned from an ambiguous foreign fashion into a common profession; successful business; a field for strategic research. It is not a mystery anymore, but a necessity; not a wonder but a technology. The time of romantics has gone. Business plans, tenders, negotiation skills and an ability to economize the client's money become actual. Thus, nowadays PR is hardly different from any sphere of "prosaic" production or trade. Large PR agencies become larger and eagerly form alliances. The position of smaller agencies seems to be less definite, but their heads are optimistic. They still have a good opportunity to win a tender, even conducted by a large corporation. The market capacity gives them these chances.

The concept of "So-Obsheniye"

The magazine analyses the examples of successful PR campaigns realised by Russian and international corporations, contemporary PR-strategies, new communication ways and technologies.

In Russia it all started with political consulting and election technologies but now the sphere of business PR is developing faster. There appeared "reputation management" in Russia, as well as "communication management" and "integrated marketing communications". We dwell upon the latest tendencies in the sphere. Among our authors there are experts of the leading Russian agencies, consulting and research companies. And we focus on business PR - not on the politics.

The audience

It is a magazine for those who realise that the information structure of the contemporary society is extremely complicated. To work with people a PR-expert should have knowledge in numerous fields such as sociology, psychology, management, journalism. We write for those who want to know more about communications.

We find our audience in PR-agencies, internal PR-departments, among the top management of Russian corporations, among the students and social scientists. By the way, there is a specialisation "public relations" in many Russian high schools (over 60). Statistics says that in five years' time there will be more PR students in Russia than lawyers.

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