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This year 12 numbers of "So-Obsheniye" were issued

Here is the digest

N1, January
PR for business

"Shoes for a shoemaker"
How to promote the services of a PR-company

"Russian market - Russian problems"
A survey of labour-market in the sphere of Public Relations

N2, February
IMC - integrated marketing communication

"The era of integrated marketing communication "

"A complex formula for simple items"
The opinion of Russian experts on IMC

"Love me tender"
Is tender a standard market mechanism or a possibility to steal the idea?

N3, March
Interaction between PR-experts and the mass-media

"The epoch of civil war is coming to an end"
Russian experts have to learn to nogotiate

"Mass media reputation and civil responsibility"

"Editorial politics and the use of corporate information

N4, April
Global PR

"The way IKEA was tempered"
The creation of a multi-colored reputation of IKEA

"A Russian field of experiments"
The only way to put the image of Russian PR right is to work seriously on the image of Russia

"PR for business"
The experts of Russian PR agencies describe the major trends of their work with commercial structures

N5, May
Research: what can be studied in PR

"Controlling the flight of the thought"
Effective management is based on knowledge

"Unpredictable advertising"

The difficulties in advertisement prognosis arise due to the lack of adequate tools

"Integrated communication strategies"
Six reasons to treat Internet seriously

N6, June
10 smart names in Moscow design/Certification of Russian PR

"The magic document"
What certification means for Russian PR-community

"The aesthetics of commercial success"
European advertisers in search for non-standard decisions

"PR in winter and in summer"
"The season factor" in the strategy of large corporations

"Revealing the methods"
Secrets of effective PR-texts

N 7-8, Joly-August
Why does the business need charity?

"A ticket to the international business-society"
In globalization conditions "corporate citizens" become "corporate volunteers"

"I might become a PR-person if someone teaches me"
A survey of PR-courses in Moscow

N9, September
Crisis: an intergral view

"In defense of the intuition"
Provoking a crisis: a suicide or a humanitarian technology?

"Managing the future as a crisis technology"

"Business in the country of crisis" Management consultants speak about crisis and crisis consulting

N10, October
The promotion strategy for alcohol, pharmaceutical and tobacco brands

"Aspirin is UPSA"
Local producer are still fighting for survival

"Our reflection in the mirror of branding"

An advertising concept can be based on anything. The main thing is to know where to stop.

"Unbranded vodka is a waste of money"
How to properly organize a meeting of the customer with the brand

N11, November
Corporate identity - the details of the perfection

"Mission possible"
Corporate image means transmitting the corporate culture onto the outer world

"Towards simple decisions"
Current tendencies in creation and design of corporate sites

Dress code
Requirements to the employees' office wear

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